Milk Dress Warrior


I had to have a go at the milk dress shoots, I have seen a number of them on the web. So I called up my awesome friend Donna and asked if she would be keen to do a milkdress shoot, Donna said "Yes!".

It was a cold day when we did this shoot, long 4 hours shooting for Donna and I, another 6 hours in post as this was the first time doing this type of shoot. I was happy with the outcome from he 10 hours of labour. :)

The shoot was done on a white non-light background the lighting used was the Paul C Buff Einstein’s.

We first took images of Donna with her boots on and holding a black tube as the sword, once we got the poses we wanted we them set up a pool in the studio for donna to stand in, this was to catch the Milk coming off her body. We then captured loads of images of the milk being used against Donna’s body.

Once done I sure she had the most awesome feeling skin :).