Prishani : What an amazing photographer, the best photographer I have worked with. Thank you for the great experience, I truly enjoyed every moment of it and you made me feel very comfortable. KJD Photography does great professional work and the results fantastic. I will definitely be working with KJD photography and La Papillion again.

Shantal : I discovered Karl and his brilliant creativity a while back through a social media webpage. I then followed his work for a while and always wanted to do a shoot with him until i found out he was based in Jhb 🙁 I was then surprised when i saw a post that he was travelling to Durban to do some location shoots and then this was the perfect opportunity for me to make a booking. I managed to book him for my 30th birthday , just to shoot some pics of my hubby and myself on the beach. Natasha and himself were amazing. From my makeup to the stunning images that we received, we were utterly grateful. Thank you KJD photography for all your creativity and awesome work. Cant wait for the next Durban visit 🙂

Kelisha and Aryl: Definitely was a fun filled day with lots of laughter. We thank you for all the hard work you have put into our shoot and captured exactly what we wanted. You were easy too work with and very understanding which made us feel very comfortable. Thanks for doing such a good job we were very impressed with the outcome. Thanks for all your time and effort, you are definitely an amazing photographer.

Donna : I don’t think people understand the importance of a great photographer. Karl’s service & professionalism constantly supersedes my expectations. Our shoots together are always fun, unique & filled with laughter 🙂 His attention to detail and creativity for every picture is extremely impressive. Karl always captures moments perfectly and he really listens to what you want. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for all the hard work you put into our shoots Karl. You always go above and beyond both our desires. Soooo many people often compliment my photo’s asking who my photographer is and I am always proud to say that it is Karl at KJD Photography.. A professional, out of this world photographer, filled with skill, imagination and creativity like no other, as well as a very good trusted & dear friend … I am always very happy with Karl’s speedy turnaround time because I am always eager to see my pic’s as I am sure you would be too. I strongly endorse KJD Photography for any of your photography needs. Karl is a pleasure to work with and his passion for photography is evident. So, I would suggest that you check out his website, contact him ASAP and experience exactly what I am talking about 😉

Manisha: Definitely one of the best in South Africa. Professional service. Karl is easy to work with , and talented beyond measure. He really goes the extra mile and even jumped in the icy pool in the middle of winter on a Sunday morning just to get that perfect shot. He has attention to detail and each shoot is unique. Well known in the industry and definitely someone I would continue to support. I follow his pics on Facebook and I am always blown away by his creativity.

Uche : I started to admire his works long before we finally meet, Because of the interest we both share in the creative industry, we decided to team-up in some of his highly skilled photo shoot behind the scene techniques, just to show people what it take to produce a startling Photograph, i must confess i enjoyed every creative ingenuity from KJD Photography. I hope one day we both will make an aspiring movie Titled the Journey of a Creative Photographer or something LOL

Shazy : We would say: “One of the best… one of those best..” but with the experience we have encountered each time we went to a shoot with Karl, we received more than photoshoot experience but a home feeling and warm welcome, best results with great excitement and impatience of our next shoot!!! Our models come with their skills and poses, Karl perfects everything about the image, from pose to results. Thank you Mr Daniels. You the best Photographer

Millicent : Shooting with KJD was the best move I’ve ever made,so kind,friendly,down to earth,and very welcoming,I’d also love to work with you in the future,it was my first professional photoshoot that I had/sunday sunbabes and it was so amazing. Keep on doing the great job

Silindile : I would like to profoundly thank you guys for today. I have never worked with such warm-hearted souls. I learnt a lot today, and not only about posing for pictures but somehow I was truly inspired by yourll. May God please bless that warm home and please thank your wife for the advice she gave us, it went a long way in my heart and I will forever obtain it. You guys, thank you so very much. Truly. Silindile

Zakia :A true photographer is one who is not only perfect in getting that best shot or best imagine but to have a balance in all that he does . Karl Daniels , simply creative , Outstanding in the work he producers and a photographer who is brilliant and loves what he does. My first shoot with Karl was amazing , the fact that he treats and welcomes you like you are apart of this one big happy family. A photographer who gives a meaning to the word “PHOTOGRAPHY”, who actually takes a great deal in giving the client exactly what they want. I will always support Karl Daniels even if its just a simple shoot because when I walk out that studio I know I am getting results and my money worth not forgetting excellent make up from the very dearest Natasha (le-Papillon) www.le-papillon.co.za. WANT THAT GLAM OOO SO UNIQUE PICTURE …. KJD PHOTOGRAPHY IS THE WAY TO GO.

Neetasha : Karl Daniels is the best photographer I have ever worked with. He is by far the Best of the Best in SA! Very creative, artistic always thinking out the box. I have been working with him for the past 5years and its always been fun, professional, entertaining, exciting & one off a kind! We have worked on International Magazine shoots together, with people across the world captivated by his work. A blessing to have been in front off his camera, on location & in studio with him!!! I could go on & on but I’d leave it you to book a shoot with him and experience it for yourself! International Model Neetasha Singh Twitter: @neetashasingh Instagram: @neetashasingh Facebook: Neetasha Singh www.neetashasingh.co.za

Christina : For my first shoot with KJD ( I say first because I know there will be many more ) , I decided to go with swimwear – so you can imagine my nerves . But within minutes , I felt so calm and eased into what was required of me. The professionalism , the patience and an easy-going attitude definitely made my experience worthwhile.

Keamo : Kay KJD Photography is the BEST I’ve ever worked with, their professionalism, friendliness and interest in me as a Person is always overwhelming. They took an ordinary person like myself and turned me into a Beautiful Swan and made feel and look like a Glam Goddess.. Karl(KJD Photography) and Natasha(Le-Papillon) are my Super Dolls and I love having them in my Doll Nation Clan… Lol! They ROCK Love you guys

Ines : KJD Photography is the best. they are mixing work and fun and this results into an amazing atmosphere of work. woooow

Ronelle : I have not worked with KJD before BUT from what is I see and hear are all AMAZING things…. Keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to do a shoot with you. Keep Shining.

Shardonney : To karl and his great team at KJD Photography, I am blown away by you Professionalism and brilliance in your work.My experience with KJD was absolutely amazing which allowed me to be comfortable in projecting my talents on camera .I am proud to say that they have now become my official photographers for my Music videos in future…… Keep up the awesome work……

Nicholene : For the first time ever, I am satisfied with a photo shoot! It was incredible working with such a talented photographer, that ensured I felt comfortable! Thanks for the amazing shoot, your time and patience. Can’t wait to work with KJD photography again!

Neetasha : KJD Photography is thee most talented high fashion photographer in South Africa!!! My photos shot by him has been published on cover pages off International Magazines, local newspapers, blogs & marketing videos. There’s one word to describe his talent BREATHE TAKING!!! Neetasha Singh Model & Model Coach

Tamara : Firstly I would like to thank you Karl Daniels of KJD photography for taking an interest in my modeling career. An Extrovert, fun loving,Born photograher. I regard Karl as an extremely amazingly stunningly Man with a great personality, you always make a picture bring out the true beauty that looks natural and the best. Honestly you are caring, down to earth and you always treated me with respect. Explorer of character,you made me love the Camera more than the my poses!Thank you for always producing such awesome pictures that make me look like a Barbie doll. You always made any Model feel welcomed and at home when she enters your studio. An excellent photographer,and now a very good friend of mine. Professional, easy going personality and you always ensure the model is at ease and comfortable. I always look forward to working with you and i will continue to refer your work to my friends and family becuase your work speaks for itself. Love Tam Tam xxx

Ellen : KJD Photography has made my dream a reality…I became the first black Model to be crowned FHM Model of the year 2012…KJD Photography is the best…. I am proud of you my friend.

Janita : Thank you Karl Daniels of KJD photography for always producing such awesome pictures. An excellent photographer, awesome person and now a very good friend of mine due to your professionalism, easy going personality and you always ensure the model is at ease and comfortable. I always look forward to working with you and your work speaks for itself. Much Love xxx

Shante : Hah! You honestly have made me realise my full potential as a model. What I’m capable of being and more. Thank you for that!

Avantika : KJD Photography jumped started my modelling career, I’ve been booked for more jobs than before! Looking forward to working with you again:)

Liyah I never thought I’d actually do a swimsuit shoot before but I was so at ease and comfortable. KJD Photography has helped me come out of my comfort zone and I have become more confident as a model. Thanks a lot my friend 🙂

Shay : KJD Photography has been the most professional and most amazing to work with,Karl has such passion for his work and it shows in the quality of the images. He always goes the extra mile to make sure the models are happy. By far KJD Photography has been the best which I have worked with. I was comfortable,safe and welcomed !! Big ups to KJD Photography!!

Rethabile : KJD Photography is the best, had a pretty cool shoot and looking forward to working with KJD Photography…love my images

Thuli : KJD Photography is the just the best 🙂 They dont just take most amazing pictures,they support their models as well,i have been featured in two national news papers with the help of KJD photography 🙂 Its really an honour working with KJD Photography. Thank u so much KJD photography with the luv nd support you giving models :*

Lance :I follow many photographers around the world and many have different styles, but have always been impressed with KJD photography from day one. What amazes me is that when I ask how he got his shot so spot-on, he would always give me the equipment and lighting set-up. Recently i asked his advice on the purchasing of a certain lens and once again he obliged! People like this you can only wish every success to! Keep up the awesome work Karl!

Shawnee : Shooting with KJD photography was an amazing experience. I appreciate the professional work ethic given and looking forward to more shoots. Brilliant results! Fantastic workmanship!


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