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TFCD/TF Photoshoots With KJD Photography

What is a TFCD or TF session, this is when money does not get exchanged between the model and the photographer.

TFCD is short for Time For CD, which really means that the involved parties give their time in exchange for a CD/Cloud folder with images that was taken.  That simply means that the photographer and model get together and produce some work that both the model and the photographer can use in their portfolios exchanging payment for each others time. 

It is quite a good arrangement since the photographer provides his expertise, studio time and the equipment, the model provides herself, her transportation, make-up and hair.  It is always better to make sure what each party offers before the shoot.  

This document i like to share so that everyone know that KJD Photography is open to doing TFCD shoots and how we go about them.

KJD Photography cant cater for everyone new and young model that needs to have a shoot for TFCD, this unfortunately will be a selective process and will have to fit in with our current photo sessions.

We strongly advise to use a professional makeup artist for the shoot as its for your portfolio as well. if we are doing portraiture images for the model and the make up is done wrong or is unprofessionally applied, wrong products with reflective skin base were used, this will be a problem for studio lights etc.  Makeup made a big difference, so with the lighting and makeup makes the images pleasing.

A Model release form will need to be signed by the Photographer and the model.

How does it work?

  1. Time/length of shoot is really decided on the day, also can be finalised before the shoot not set in stone.
  2. KJD Photography will do 20 Edits from the shoot to give to the model.
  3. The same for all my other shoots will happen, after the shoot will do a selection of images to upload to the share folder for the model.
  4. The details will be sent to the model so they can do a selection for the images KJD Photography will edit.
  5. If the model selects more that the 20 images allowed, there will be a fee of the R80.00 per image that is over 20 images e.g.(22 images selected = R 80 x 2 = R 160.00).
  6. We will then create a folder called edited in the shared folder and put those edited images.
  7. The photographer can use those images for social media and website content for his marketing purposes.

Hope the above is clear, we also will offer canvas, book or poster prints for the model this will need to be paid for as an extra.

To Ask for a TFCD photoshoot email or WhatsApp us here

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