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It has been an absolutely SENSATIONAL experience working with Karl over the past few years. I’ve been so blessed to be afforded the opportunity to work with a photographer who is both creative and passionate about his profession. The passion Karl exerts to provide the highest quality results speaks volumes for his professionalism and commitment. It is quite impressive. Karl also has a wonderful personality and is able to make you feel completely calm and at ease. He is incredibly timely, attentive, and accommodating. He understands how important a role he is playing and he takes it very seriously. It is also clear though that he truly loves what he does. My friendship with Karl continued to grow over our career path, as he is courteous, and kind and he gracefully and discreetly captures every moment making the end result a masterpiece. He applies his knowledge, equipment, talents, but most of all his creativity to provide the highest possible quality. He goes above and beyond what is expected. I remain confident in Karl’s ability due to his reputation and credentials in the photography business. He is a truly talented photographer and a pleasure to work with. He makes the entire process easy and enjoyable.Donna Naidoo.

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